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I have to admit that the objective of building a structurally sound and stable company, from grounds up that offers market-demanded products and services, which are carefully and creatively designed to incorporate within them significantly tangible benefits, with the objective of positively & safely impacting the end-customers once properly consumed, is not going to be an easy nor a straightforward task nor a simple walk in the park journey.
Therefore, with the above in mind, coupled with the unknown fate of this pandemic and its lifecycle, I acknowledged that in order to succeed, as a newly established business during such harsh and awkward circumstances, we needed to learn and comprehensively understand and account for the current driving-forces of the world’s current deliquiate and fragile situation and their direct/indirect impact on the local & regional markets. Such learning process could only be achieved by considering additional vital sustenance-parameters, while insightfully designing this company’s structural-layout, carefully assembling its foundational-bricks, and intelligently inventing and shaping its products & services to meet the market demands, with added value to the end-consumers.

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ePS Synopsis

Our long-term goal is building market-driven and very useful smart web & mobile based solutions, to serve various industry verticals, through which these full-featured platforms will be carefully taiilored to connect the right people at the right time and allow them to safely consume the right products & services, while adhering to the various required saftey measures, by maintaining the required social-distancing and strictly satisfying the worldwide health pandemic-containment guidelines.

Our Vision and Mission

A well-established and staidly growing online-based future smart company, which is carefully structured and supported by two major pillars, where each pillar has its own built-in capable and powerful Supply-Chain, as the pillar’s solid & reliable delivery-arm. The aim of each pillar is to uniquely and intelligently zoom-in and focus on the various operating companies’ and people’s (professional & life related) challenges and possibly problematic concerns or any particular professional needs, using its strongly built, robust & reliable supply-chain, which is supported by the in-depth expertise of its own Technology, Training & Consultancy as well as its worldwide Partners, where such strength in unity will be geared towards simplifying the solution approach to come-up with the best-fit and wholistic resolutions, that would be of mutual benefits and with great value proposition for all. Our goal is building Smart web and mobile based Solutions, through which the required platform will be provided to connect the right people at the right time and allow them to consume the right products & services, while maintaining the required social distancing.

  • Providing quality technology-based services, in a cost-effective and creative manner, by capitalizing on the existing working and stable echo-systems

  • Designing well defined, market-driven and clear Company Service catalogue, and safely expose them to all authorized company’s precious and valuable clients, with great value proposition for all

  • Providing leadership for effective, strategic and tactical planning in the use of technology, to tackle and address practical professional and real-life related challenges

  • Provide Secure, Stable, Agile and Scalable Online-based web & mobile Applications

  • Building and Positioning a skillful, cooperative and energetic Company team, based on a strong and robust Supply-Chain, by utilizing the intelligently combined knowledge & expertise of its own employees as well as its own professional partners around the world, to firmly support the Company’s two pillars to confidently deliver their set of uniquely specialized innovative products & services

ePS Values

Kuwait City – Aqarat Al Kuwait building, 7th floor, Office 21, Hallway 14

(+965) 97228999